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Cancer Champions


Triathletes donate their medals to patients challenging cancer

cancer champs

Left to Right: PJ Messina, therapist, UHS Radiation Oncology; Betty Day, patient and medal recipient; Bill Day, Betty’s husband; Diana Bean, BC Triathlon Club; Ed Desantis, BC Triathlon Club president; Sue Schultz, BC Triathlon Club; Kelley Hamlin, BC Triathlon Club and former Radiation Oncology patient.

Members of the Broome County Triathlon Club have donated more than 50 hard-earned medals to be given to UHS Radiation Oncology patients in recognition of the courage and strength cancer patients demonstrate. Once a patient completes a course of radiation treatment, they receive a graduation certificate from the staff along with a medal and a note from the club that says: “The race where we received this medal was very hard and challenging to finish, but it is nothing compared to what you have just completed!”

Betty Day, of Oxford, was the first patient to receive a medal donated from the club. PJ Messina, one of her radiation therapists, along with members of the Broome County Triathlon Club, presented Ms. Day with her completion certificate and medal after six weeks of radiation therapy treatment. “The scariest part of the treatments was wondering how things would turn out,” Ms. Day says.

One of the club’s members recently completed treatment at UHS Radiation Oncology and is already back to running marathons.


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