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Treating a heart attack

Michael Iannone, 78, felt an uncomfortable pressure in his chest — not a crushing pain, but a worrisome tightness. “Too often people think it’s something other than their heart, and they wait too long,” he says. “I don’t take chances with my health.” Mr. Iannone headed straight for the UHS Wilson Medical Center Emergency Department (ED), where preliminary blood tests and an EKG showed no signs of heart attack. However, because Mr. Iannone has a history of heart disease, which has been successfully managed with medication since 1995, he was transferred to Wilson’s Chest Pain Center.

After several hours of observation and additional testing, the center team determined that Mr. Iannone’s heart was fine and the chest discomfort was due to acid reflux, which was alleviated by adjusting his medications. “I was good to go, and that was great news. But the best part is that I left the center with peace of mind,” Mr. Iannone says.