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A Leap Forward

leap forward
UHS pathologist Jagmohan Sidhu, MD, is using new technology to analyze breast biopsy samples.

New technology aids breast cancer prognosis and treatment plans

Fast, informed clinical decisions are essential to outstanding patient care. At UHS, new technology is helping doctors quickly, comprehensively and precisely evaluate cancerous breast biopsies.

UHS pathologist Jagmohan Sidhu, MD, director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, is enthusiastic about the region’s only whole-slide brightfield scanner packaged with advanced image management software. This leap forward in pathology technology allows UHS doctors to analyze biopsied tissue samples and determine the right course of treatment and prognosis for breast cancer patients within a day or two.

“The beauty of this system is that our pathologists here at UHS are now able to do this in a matter of one or two days instead of the previous turnaround time of up to 10 days when we had to send these biopsies for prognostic/predictive marker analysis to an outside lab,” says Dr. Sidhu. “And we know that improved turnaround time in prognostication helps relieve anxiety for our patients and enables our providers to plan the treatment more quickly for better outcomes.”

Camelia Lawrence, MD, FACS, fellowship-trained breast surgeon at the UHS Breast Center, agrees. “The benefits of this new pathology tool cannot be overstated,” she says. “The addition of this technology benefits both doctor and patient. The doctor receives essential, complete information much more quickly, which enables the patient to begin appropriate treatments more quickly, too.”



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