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Cancer Council

cancer council

Patients and families invited to provide input on cancer care at UHS

UHS has always been dedicated to providing cancer patients with everything they need to get better and stay healthy. But in order to provide the best care possible, patients’ voices needed to be heard. So in late 2014, UHS started the Cancer Patient and Family Advisory Council, a committee of patients and family members devoted to sharing their experiences and finding ways to improve practices.

The council first met in January, where members narrowed their mission down to improving the experience in a few key areas, including communication and patient support services. It isn’t a focus group, it’s a volunteer group, and there’s more to do than just attend meetings.

“One example is reviewing our website and making recommendations for making it more patient- and family-friendly,” says Ruth Manzer, one of the council’s co-chairs. “We have very dedicated members who are willing to work to improve the patient’s experience.”

As they move forward, the advisory council hopes to expand and attract new members. Their goal is to use the patient experience to find ways to improve care at UHS, and they hope that the council really takes off in the coming months.

“We’re always looking to change and make our organization the best it can be, especially for our patients,” says Marie Darling, the other co-chair. “The universal goal is to see what we can do to make the next experience better than the previous one.”


Call Ruth Manzer at 763-5151 to find out more about the Cancer Patient and Family Advisory Council or to join.