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Pictured: A rendering of the new Gateway Building's cafe entrance.

New construction project to enhance UHS Wilson Medical Center campus

You may have noticed some changes at the UHS Wilson Medical Center campus in Johnson City this summer. Demolition of 75% of the old Picciano Building has been completed and work is now starting on the Gateway project, which will renovate the remaining 25% of the Picciano Building.

“The new Gateway Building will primarily be a support building,” says Gail Thalacker, vice president for Operations at UHS. “One of our biggest priorities is a brand-new, fully operational kitchen and dining area, which will span three floors.”

In addition to providing a place for patients, families and UHS staff to eat on the UHS Wilson campus, the Gateway Building will also maintain support functions with a basement tunnel to move materials efficiently and a bridge allowing patients and employees to walk from one end of the building to the other easily. The facility also includes a helipad for emergency patient landings and meeting and office space for UHS medical and administrative staff.

John M. Carrigg, president and CEO of UHS, remarked on these enhancements: “This will make the medical center more accommodating to the patients, visitors, providers and staff who access the facility on a daily basis.”

View renderings of the new Gateway Building