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UHS Foundation supports Sock Out Cancer

When someone is dealing with cancer—either as the person diagnosed or as a family member—the everyday costs and hurdles can be very challenging. The UHS Foundation has an integral role in “Sock Out Cancer,” a creative and generous community effort to smooth the way for many individuals and families dealing with these issues.

Led by the Binghamton-based Security Mutual Life Insurance Co., the project raises money through the sale of colorful socks and the presentation of a live concert. Rainbow-hued socks are sold at many stores and other locations around town for $10 a pair, and William Close & The Earth Harp Collective put on a spectacular show at The Forum performing arts center.

Since its inception two years ago, “Sock Out Cancer” has raised $148,945. Seventy-six cancer patients with financial challenges have directly received money for practical, nonmedical needs, such as transportation, utility bills, groceries, rent or mortgage payments. The Foundation administers the program and works with a committee to review applications for assistance.

“Cancer creates an enormous strain on an individual or a family, beyond the medical aspects,” says Cory Jacobs, executive director of the Foundation. “Sock Out Cancer helps people focus on caring for their loved ones instead of struggling with day-to-day living expenses.”


To make donations to the fund, use the donation form on and select Sock Out.