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UHS partners with Mayo Medical Laboratories for advanced testing approaches

Quick, accurate testing is an important component of comprehensive patient services. Recently, UHS chose Mayo Medical Laboratories as its primary reference laboratory, which means UHS physicians can now collaborate with Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists and laboratory professionals to bring their high standard of patient-driven testing to the UHS community.

UHS Laboratories will continue to be the main laboratory testing location for most UHS patients. However, Mayo Medical Laboratories will handle specialized tests in close consultation with UHS physicians.

“We offer fast turnaround times for results and excellent customer service with UHS Laboratories,” says Jagmohan Sidhu, MD, medical director of the UHS Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. “Our close interaction between UHS Laboratories and Mayo Medical Laboratories professionals will extend this level of service to our community for more esoteric or specialized testing.”

Mayo Medical Laboratories partners with providers all over the world and performs approximately 24 million medical tests each year. These tests are integral to the care of about 4.5 million patients and represent more than 3,000 types of laboratory tests and pathology services.


Partnering with Mayo Medical Laboratories is just one part of UHS’s commitment to bringing the best care to its patients. To learn more, visit