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UHS Heart & Vascular Institute expand

Afzal ur Rehman, MD, PhD

The UHS Heart & Vascular Institute, located at UHS Vestal on the Vestal Parkway and at Wilson Square on the campus of UHS Wilson Medical Center, has expanded. With the recent addition of several new providers, including five physicians from Cardiology Associates, the Institute combines the skills of more than 30 providers offering care in 14 medical and surgical specialties. It is now one of the largest heart programs in central New York.

Services include cardiology and interventional cardiology, sports medicine cardiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery, and cardiac electrophysiology. There is also a structural heart program, and specialized clinics have been launched for patients with congestive heart failure, heart valve conditions and coagulation issues, as well as for those using cardiac devices, such as pacemakers.

Afzal ur Rehman, MD, PhD, who was recently named vice president for Cardiovascular Services and is also vice president for Informatics at UHS, was instrumental in establishing the UHS Heart & Vascular Institute in 2015, then directing and overseeing its continuous growth.

“I look forward to working with our cardiovascular team in furthering the mission of the Institute,” says Dr. Rehman, who is board-certified in cardiology, interventional cardiology and clinical cardiac electrophysiology. “Bringing together all related cardiac activities within a common format is allowing us to grow and strengthen our services across the continuum of care.”


Visit the UHS Heart & Vascular Institute and find a cardiac specialist, or call 240-2868.