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Take advantage of UHS cancer support services

Caring for cancer patients at UHS goes well beyond diagnosis and treatment. If you or someone you know is affected by cancer, you may not realize that many different support services are available—often free of charge or covered by insurance. Some of the services UHS offers include:

Oncology Nurse Navigator Program

This program takes a holistic approach to cancer care and helps patients navigate many of the support services that UHS provides. From providing clinical support to nutritional services to support groups and meeting with social workers, the nurse navigators address all aspects of wellness.

Oncology Nutrition

Rebecca Robins, RD, a clinical dietitian and certified specialist in oncology nutrition, works with cancer patients to develop individualized nutrition prescriptions. “It includes managing their side effects and providing evidence-based research during treatment and through survivorship,” says Ms. Robins about her work at UHS. “Nutrition is a huge component of patients’ success, and the fact that I’m here as a full-time employee, which is rare compared to most places, is amazing.”

Financial Advocacy

UHS offers on-site financial advocacy at all of our practices, which can help patients contact and work with insurance companies, as well as identify resources for patients who may not have insurance. In addition, UHS financial advocates can help patients find community resources, such as the Sock Out Cancer fundraiser that the UHS Foundation supports, to help pay for many of the expenses that arise during cancer treatment and survivorship.

HOPE Program

Helping Oncology Patients Exercise (HOPE) is a 12-week UHS program supervised by exercise physiologists and registered nurses that helps cancer patients engage meaningfully in fitness activities. Guided exercise can help a person fight fatigue and feel better. Visit, or call 762-2178.

Transportation Assistance

Throughout the communities that UHS serves, many programs are available that help patients who are lacking transportation get to their appointments. UHS cancer support services can help patients find and apply for these programs to ensure they are able to access the care they need.

Support Groups

Emotional support from people who understand the stressors of being diagnosed with cancer can make the experience easier to manage. UHS offers support groups for newly diagnosed cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers and children with family members or other loved ones with cancer.


To learn more about UHS advocacy, support, assistance and other programs like these, call 763-6060, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m, or visit