Stay Healthy

Five Tips

How you can help prevent a readmission

You can help keep a friend or loved one from being readmitted to the hospital following treatment, says Kris Marks, manager of clinical social work at UHS. Stay in contact. Look for:

  1. Whether the patient is in pain, discomfort or appears disoriented. Suggest following up with a doctor.
  2. Whether medical equipment works properly.
  3. Whether the patient can keep follow-up appointments. Patients may be able to drive, but mobility problems keep them from getting to the car.
  4. Whether the patient eats well and sees to life’s daily chores. They may try to suffer through problems when they shouldn’t.
  5. Whether the patient has an adequate support network – people like you. Someone should help make sure the patient is OK.

Simple questions and simple contact can keep a patient from needing readmission, Ms. Marks says. Your attention will make the patient more comfortable and healthier, too.