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The just-opened Gateway Building offers dining and convenience for the UHS Wilson campus

This February, UHS officially opened the doors to the newly-renovated Gateway Building. The four-story structure includes a brand-new kitchen, retail food service and dining space, as well as offices, conference rooms and supply-chain functions. Here’s what can you expect to find at the new Gateway Building:

Gateway 4 (4th Floor)

This is the administrative location of the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Staff and Medical Affairs offices, and the Hospitalist Program. Quality & Patient Safety and the Advanced Practice Providers Program are also now calling Gateway 4 home. Additionally, Gateway 4 features a large conference space that will serve as the UHS Wilson Emergency Operations Command Center whenever needed.

Gateway 3 (3rd Floor) – Main Entrance

This floor features our new dining area, as well as food and beverage vending. Dining in the Gateway Building will be exclusively on Gateway 3, which seats about 120. In addition to dining and vending, the floor includes two small conference rooms and a new physicians’ lounge.

Gateway 2 (2nd Floor)

This floor is the new administrative home of the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer, and will house Nursing Safety & Quality, and Surgical Services. It also includes space for the UHS Infection Control Team and Food & Nutrition administration.

Gateway 1 (1st Floor)

The foundation of the new Gateway Building is a brand-new kitchen and retail food-sales space on Gateway 1. You’ll find weigh-and-pay hot main dishes as well as a salad bar. Each week guest restaurants will provide exciting food choices, including Indian cuisine by Moghul, Chinese dishes by Far East and barbecue from Brooks’. Gateway 1 will also be home to a selection of takeaway snacks and meals such as house-made salads, sandwiches, wraps, fruits and desserts. To drink, Gateway 1 offers Ellis coffee as well as other bottled beverages in on-the-go coolers.


The first floor of the Gateway Building is now open. Regular hours are breakfast from 6:30 to 10 a.m.; lunch from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; and dinner from 4 to 7 p.m. Public access to the Gateway Building is through the pedestrian bridge over Baldwin Street from UHS Wilson.