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Investment In Technology

Catheterization lab and electrophysiology lab renovations

Renovations to the electrophysiology lab and one of the cardiac catheterization labs at UHS Wilson Medical Center are underway to improve patient care.

Arrhythmias — or irregular heartbeats — are tested, diagnosed and treated in the electrophysiology lab. The catheterization labs are used for a variety of diagnostic and interventional cardiology procedures to treat a wide range of heart and vascular conditions. Both rooms are being made larger and are being outfitted with the latest technology available to improve patient care.

“As we’re doing newer procedures, they often require more technology and equipment, so we are expanding the size of the lab to allow this to happen,” says Hisham Kashou, MD, an interventional cardiologist at UHS. “More room will also increase efficiency and be safer for patients and staff. New technology allows doctors to do the work they need to do, to see structures within the heart, with a lower radiation dose to patients.”

“The upgrades required a significant investment, but they are important for patient care and are a part of our commitment to cardiovascular care within our community,” says Kim Pilarchik, administrative director of the UHS Heart and Vascular Institute.