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Upgrading cardiac services in outlying areas

Ensuring everyone in the community has access to quality heart care is incredibly important at the UHS Heart & Vascular Institute, which is why our services extend beyond the Binghamton area to residents of Delaware, Chenango and Sullivan counties and their surrounding communities.

Physicians at UHS Cardiology Norwich, located at UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital, and UHS Delaware Valley Hospital have always worked closely with their partners in Binghamton to maintain continuity of care, and this year they have taken steps to enhance that partnership.

“It has come to feel more like a true partnership with my colleagues at the UHS Heart & Vascular Institute,” says James O’Brien, MD, FACC, cardiologist at UHS Cardiology Norwich. “We serve as an entry point, but we are also able to seamlessly provide access to the specialty services that are available only in the Binghamton area. It’s basically an extension of my practice.”

Dr. O’Brien also notes that the UHS Cardiology Norwich practice is growing to meet the demands of the community. The practice recently received a grant for a new cardiology care room to increase capacity and see more patients in a timely manner. This grant will also enhance the device clinic and provide a state-of-the-art upgrade for radiological services. Adding this brand new care room, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, will also allow the practice to offer cardiac rehab services for the first time.

“We’re excited about that because many people decide to forego cardiac rehab just because of the burden of traveling, so we’re going to be able to offer that here in everyone’s backyard,” says Dr. O’Brien.


For more information on our cardiac services throughout the region, visit the UHS Heart & Vascular Institute.