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MiXto laser treatment rejuvenates the skin

The physicians at UHS Plastic Surgery are taking a fresh approach to facial rejuvenation with the MiXto SX® Fractional CO2 Laser. Among its principal benefits: minimal post-treatment recovery and the fact that the procedure is performed in-office rather than in an operating room.

The MiXto fractional laser softens fine lines and wrinkles, removes sun and age spots, tightens the skin and smooths skin irregularities.

“What’s different about the MiXto laser is that it doesn’t treat the skin 100 percent — it only treats a fraction of it,” says B. Peter Fedczuk, MD, FACS, UHS plastic surgeon. “By leaving untreated areas of skin in close proximity to treated areas, the skin is able to heal much faster compared to other laser treatments.”

The results of the treatment are long lasting because the laser stimulates the skin to deposit new collagen in the areas that were ‘injured’ by the laser, Dr. Fedczuk says.

The difference is subtle rather than drastic. “You’re not going to look like you’ve had something done,” Dr. Fedczuk says. “People might say, ‘You look refreshed today,’ because that’s the kind of result you’ll get.”


To learn more about the MiXto SX® Fractional CO2 Laser treatment or to schedule a consultation appointment, call UHS Plastic Surgery in Binghamton at 772-6266.