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Your Ally in the Battle Against Cancer

president's letter

Letter from John M. Carrigg, President and CEO of UHS

John Carrigg, CEO

In recent years, healthcare professionals have been advising all of us that education, awareness and early detection are the keys to overcoming many forms of cancer. And new technologies and approaches to treatment are giving patients the edge in beating the disease. At UHS, we are deeply invested in measures that promote screening and early diagnosis, as well as in the latest medical and surgical treatment advances.

We provide lung cancer screening, a low-dose CT scan that can find nodules and small tumors in the lungs at an early stage. And we encourage patients to talk with their doctors about what age they should start having colorectal cancer screenings. Today several options are available to detect this dangerous but very treatable condition.

On the treatment front, we are making great strides, right here in the Southern Tier, with new technologies and services that benefit cancer patients. Surgeons at UHS have recently begun using the da Vinci robotic surgery system for prostate cancer and other disorders. This minimally invasive approach features less pain, less blood loss and faster recovery. And we have recently adopted a new remote monitoring program that enables providers and patients to stay in touch on a regular basis after treatment ends. Moreover, we have a team of four oncology nurse navigators who guide patients through all aspects of their cancer journey.

Cancer is a formidable enemy, but at UHS we stand firmly on your side. We offer the skill of our providers, the latest knowledge and the best tools to enable you to survive and thrive. Our resources are here to give you a fighting chance at a full recovery.