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Useful ideas from the showroom

The UHS Home Care Showroom at 601 Riverside Drive in Johnson City has a wealth of home care products to make your life less painful and more comfortable. Products range from simple treatments for minor aches to those that offer the elderly or disabled greater mobility.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking for a cold pack for your sore muscles, a grandma or grandpa who needs a bit of a boost to get out of your chair or a person who could benefit from light therapy on gloomy days, the Showroom is well-stocked to meet your needs.

The latest in clever items to make your life more livable are available at reasonable prices, so stop in today and explore. Johanna Wright, manager of the Showroom, offers these suggestions:

  • Seat lift chairs: These recliners are perfect for people who could use a boost getting up. Chairs range from basic two-position models to more deluxe versions that feature heat and massage functions. There are several fabric options to choose from, so they can fit into any décor.
  • Frozenpeaz: These nontoxic, reusable, form-fitting hot and cold packs come in multiple sizes and shapes meant to mold to different parts of the body. They include soft coverings to hold the packs with adjustable straps to keep them in place. They stay hot for 40 minutes or cold for 30.
  • Therall arthritis gloves and booties: These products relieve pain and improve mobility in the hands and feet with warmth and gentle compression. The gloves are form-fitting, come in multiple sizes and feature open fingertips, so users can use their hands while wearing them.
  • Daylight sky bright light therapy: Sitting in front of this specialized light can improve the mood of people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the darker months, or who are homebound.
  • Activity tracker: This Bluetooth-compatible activity tracker counts steps, distance and calories burned, and stores information for seven days. It also includes watch and alarm functions.


UHS Home Care Showrooms are located at 601 Riverside Drive in Johnson City and 26 Conkey Avenue in Norwich. Some products may be covered by insurance, Medicaid or Medicare with a physician’s prescription.