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3D mammography reduces repeat screenings

Being called back for a second look after a suspicious mammogram can be terrifying. However, overlapping tissue in a standard mammogram can look like an area of concern that requires further investigation, so repeat mammograms to rule out cancer are a common occurrence.

A new technology called digital breast tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography,  promises to reduce the number of anxiety-inducing callbacks while improving diagnosis of invasive cancer by 40 percent.

The technology takes a series of low-radiation X-ray images in 1-millimeter slices, then sophisticated software assembles them into a 3D image that provides a high level of clarity and detail. It’s done at the same time as a standard 2D mammogram on the same equipment, and takes just seconds longer.


3D mammography is currently available at the UHS Breast Center in Vestal. Call 240-2847 to make an appointment.