Think Healthy

DIY Trail Mix & Easy Lunch Ideas

Healthy eating tips from Jaclyn Zindell, RD, CDN, clinical nutrition coordinator at UHS

Nuts and dried fruits are great snack options, but pre-packaged trail mix at the store can contain added sugars and other less-than-healthy ingredients. Jaclyn Zindell, RD, CDN, clinical nutrition coordinator at UHS, suggests making your own trail mix. Try one of these combinations:

  • Tropical mix: cashews, Brazil nuts, dried mango, coconut flakes, banana chips
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry mix: almonds, cashews, dried strawberries, dark chocolate pieces

If you’re looking for easy and healthy lunch ideas, here are a couple of recommendations from Ms. Zindell:

  • Protein-packed pita pockets stuffed with egg salad, chicken salad, hummus or turkey, plus veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and peppers
  • Homemade veggie or bean soups with whole-grain crackers


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