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Be a more active participant in your healthcare with MyChart

Starting in Spring 2020, UHS patients will have access to Epic’s MyChart, a secure online portal that includes both medical records and a message center that allows anyone to ask questions, request medication renewals and even schedule appointments. This is an important next step in UHS’ goal of providing patients with “Your care. Your way.”

Taking an active role in your healthcare is made much easier with MyChart. Not only can you access your record on a computer through the online web portal or an app on a smartphone or tablet, but you can also interact with UHS providers at your convenience. “More and more patients want to partner with their providers on their health, and MyChart allows them to do just that,” says Alan Miller, MD, President of UHS Medical Group.

While MyChart is a great way to ask your provider a quick question or schedule an upcoming checkup, Dr. Miller explains that the advantages to patients actually go further than one might realize. For example, because MyChart allows patients to access their medical record wherever they have internet service, you’ll be able to provide any doctor with vital information about yourself, no matter where in the world you are.

“We have a lot of seniors who travel in the winter months, and if something happens while they’re on vacation, they can have their info available instantly,” says Dr. Miller. “No matter where you go, you’re able to bring your records with you.”

MyChart similarly simplifies the healthcare experience for parents. Now records of things like immunizations or sports physicals are readily accessible, and getting documentation for them is as easy as printing them out at your home computer. This same access can be given to adult children who may be caring for aging parents.

Beyond better medical record access—which also includes information about and suggestions for preventive measures such as diagnostic screenings and healthy lifestyle choices—MyChart also streamlines the healthcare process for patients. In addition to being able to message providers and schedule appointments, patients will eventually be able to check in virtually for appointments when they arrive at UHS offices.


MyChart access is planned to begin in Spring 2020. Check out for updates.