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Screening Support

Given our region’s high incidence of colorectal cancer, UHS promotes proactive screening

In New York state, colorectal cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers and the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men and women combined. Addressing these facts is an important goal for UHS. Here are some of the ways we are combating colorectal cancer in the Southern Tier:

UHS recently conducted a free seminar on colorectal cancer screening and prevention. The event included:

  • 4 UHS providers: Colorectal surgeons Neil Gibson, MD, and Jeffrey Wiseman, MD; gastroenterologist Amine Hila, MD; and genetic counselor Luba Djurdijinovic.
  • 22 attendees
  • Discussion of colorectal cancer incidence based on family history and genetic pre-disposition as well as different approved methods of testing.
  • Free screening information provided by representatives from the Cancer Services Program of the Southern Tier.

UHS also offered free screenings for colorectal cancer recently:

  • 75 patients received the offer for a free screening via FITKIT, FOBT or colonoscopy based on NCCN guidelines. Five of the 75 took advantage and got screened.
  • Patients who required colonoscopy were offered a free ride and free child care so they  can complete the procedure.


Talk to your doctor about whether a colorectal cancer screening is right for you. For information about guidelines and colorectal cancer screening and treatment at UHS, check out “Cutting Down Colon Cancer.”