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UHS launches new, 24-hour Specialty Pharmacy

UHS is always looking for opportunities to provide enhanced care for those in need. To aid in this mission, UHS recently developed a new Specialty Pharmacy designed especially for people with cancer, diabetes, HIV, hepatitis C, rheumatologic conditions and other serious illnesses. The Specialty Pharmacy operates as a single, central point of care for UHS patients and their physicians. Services are offered 24/7, so there are no delays in providing treatment or care to those who need it urgently. Services offered include:

  • On-call pharmacist support
  • Financial assistance support
  • Insurance prior authorizations
  • Free home delivery
  • Refill coordination

“Our Specialty Pharmacy offers patients additional care to help manage many chronic conditions,” says Bob Schmidt, vice president of Clinical Services at UHS. “When patients have easier access to affordable prescription medications and the support of an integrated care team, the overall health of our communities improves.”

Enhanced clinical pharmacy services are also available, allowing patients to receive support from clinical pharmacists. These pharmacists have access to detailed medical records and drug panels, which enables more personalized interactions.

Wilson Place Pharmacy Is Now 24/7

The UHS Outpatient Pharmacy at Wilson Place, at 52 Harrison St. in Johnson City, has expanded its operating hours to ensure access to pharmacy services at all hours of the day, seven days a week. The expansion allows UHS to provide medications and services for an increased number of patients. It is the closest 24-hour pharmacy to hospitals in the Greater Binghamton area, and one of only two in the area that are open evenings and weekends.



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