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Letter from John M. Carrigg, President and CEO of UHS

Over the past few months, we at UHS have been developing a number of new programs and services that we are very excited about. We have strengthened specialties, added new providers and expanded locations to better serve you and your family. The articles in this issue of Stay Healthy magazine reflect

John Carrigg, CEO

John Carrigg, CEO

some of our recent advances and our ongoing commitment to improving care and ensuring a patient-centered healthcare experience for all.In these pages you’ll read about a new type of rotator cuff surgery that works better than shoulder replacement for some patients. You’ll be introduced to our new primary care office, centrally located on Robinson Street in Binghamton. And you’ll learn how art is being used to aid patients with memory loss through rehabilitation at UHS Binghamton General Hospital.If you’ve always suspected that reading to your baby can have a positive effect on his or her learning abilities later in life, you’ll want to check out “Baby’s First Book,” a description of a community-wide effort to encourage language skills and literacy at an early age.

We at UHS are very pleased to bring stories like these to you through Stay Healthy magazine, and to provide updates on all of our developments as they happen, via the Stay Healthy Today online newsletter and our website, Thank you for taking the time to follow our progress as a healthcare organization. Everything we do is designed to help you navigate our system, achieve wellness and maintain optimal health.

John M. Carrigg
President and CEO of UHS