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president's letter

Letter from John M. Carrigg, President and CEO of UHS

John Carrigg, CEO

If you’ve recently had surgery or received treatment for an injury or illness, there’s a good chance high technology played a role in your diagnosis, procedure and recovery. Each new medical or surgical device took years of research and development, clinical testing and regulatory approval before it came into general use. This is a costly process, but one that can yield tremendous results in better outcomes, satisfied patients and saved lives.

At UHS, we are continually researching and investing in new medical technologies, always with a goal of improving the patient experience. In this issue of UHS Stay Healthy, for example, you’ll find a story about how our orthopedic surgeons are using the latest in shoulder procedures to reduce pain and restore movement.

Another technological advance is the way health records are kept and accessed. One of the most exciting features of the record system many hospitals are using today is something called Epic’s MyChart. Within a few months, this will give you a secure online portal that includes your medical records and a message center. You’ll be able to access your records from anywhere, ask questions, request a medication renewal or schedule an appointment.

Technology doesn’t replace the knowledge or skill of healthcare providers—instead, it is a powerful tool that supports their expertise and creates opportunities for breakthroughs and enhancements in care.

Our commitment at UHS is to keep up to date with the forms of technology that make the biggest difference in the lives of those we serve.


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