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Walking In Your Shoes

president's letter

Letter from John M. Carrigg, President and CEO of UHS

John Carrigg, CEO

At UHS, we strive every day to create an outstanding patient experience, one that is positive and memorable. We call it “The UHS Way.” And to reinforce our commitment to exceptional care, we have just launched a multimedia communications effort called “Walk In My Shoes. UHS delivers your care your way.”

As the region’s healthcare leader, we are aware that you and other patients, residents and customers want ready, hassle-free access to affordable care, from people who remember them, listen to them and respond to them in a trustworthy and effective way.

We want you to be aware of what we promise— and what you can expect us to deliver: We will continually expand our capabilities to better meet your changing needs, rather than make you go out of your way for us. We will make the resources of UHS, the region’s most respected and complete healthcare system, work for you, rather than having you work hard to get what you need. And we know what never changes: your awareness of how well we put your interests above our own.

Throughout 2019, we will be announcing a number of new and improved healthcare features, designed with you in mind, including a greater focus on team care, call-ahead and online scheduling at Walk-In Centers, online bill review and much more.

So look for our “Walk in My Shoes” messages on TV, in the paper and elsewhere. In the coming months, you’ll be learning more about “The UHS Way” of offering new services to make your experience more convenient, efficient and pleasant. It’s our way of saying:  “We go out of our way to give you your care … your way.”


Learn more about our new campaign on our website,, and view our latest commercials and ads to get an idea of how this dynamic campaign is starting.