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We Attack Cancer From All Sides

president's letter

Letter from John M. Carrigg, President and CEO of UHS

John Carrigg, CEO

Nationwide, a revolution is taking place in how we think about cancer. Just a few decades ago, cancer treatment was mostly reactive. Therapies were often difficult and associated with many quality-of-life issues. But today, as reported by the National Institutes of Health, “we are in a new era where cancer therapy is more proactive, more personalized and less toxic. Plus, effective screening programs have saved thousands of lives.”

For those of us who work in healthcare, and especially for the cancer patients we serve, that translates to a great sense of optimism. As the NIH notes, “Cancer is an enemy that requires an attack from all sides,” and we have taken up the challenge.

This is what motivated us to select Mayo Medical Laboratories as our primary reference laboratory, giving us access to exceptional testing resources and clinical expertise for the most complicated cases. It has also motivated us to work to restore cancer specialty services to UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital. On Nov. 1, we opened a new oncology clinic at the Norwich hospital to serve the needs of Chenango County residents. Another way we stand up to cancer is by helping patients and their families cope with the many everyday challenges brought on by the disease. These individuals benefit from “Sock Out Cancer,” an initiative formed especially to help people navigate the road to recovery by giving them access to financial assistance.

In this issue of UHS Stay Healthy magazine, and at our Stay Healthy Center at the Oakdale Mall, our cancer care program and our website (, we are pleased to provide our community with information about all of the cancer care services we provide. Our goal is to be a continuing community resource for education, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship. We are ready and able to fight cancer from every side, and to stand with you always, on your side.

John M. Carrigg
President and CEO of UHS