Think Healthy

Stay Resolute

How to stick with your resolution to get fit

Chances are you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or stay fit at least once before. But it’s also likely that you fell off the wagon before March. Still, there are ways to stick with a New Year’s resolution to get fit.

A series of specific, reachable objectives is crucial to helping you progress toward a goal as large as weight loss. Plus, it’s extremely easy to abandon a resolution if you don’t outline a strategy for it in the first place. Start with small steps each day. Achieving practical checkpoints will keep you motivated while still changing habits along the way.

Finding additional time to exercise might seem impossible. But as with food, successful exercise is all about developing a regimen that works with your schedule. For two days, take an inventory of your time. Figure out where your free blocks are — even 20 minutes is enough time to get in a quick workout.

On top of that, try activities that are versatile. Instead of blocking off an hour for a run or gym session, buy a small set of weights for home and use them while helping the kids with homework or watching TV. Taking your dog for a walk instead of letting him or her out is another way to exercise while still being productive.